Frequently asked questions

Is the plugin privacy conform?

Yes, the use of Margic is compliant with German and European data protection law (GDPR) and supports the corresponding Moodle™ mechanisms for data privacy.

Can I only comment on my students' entries in the plugin or can I grade them as well?

In Margic, teachers have the ability to create unlimited annotations for each individual entry with different error types and individual comments. They can also give summary feedback and grade each entry. All grading options available in Moodle™, such as points or scales, can be used for grading.

I have graded the entry of a participant. Do they need to create a new entry to incorporate my feedback?

No, if it is allowed in the plugin settings as well as in the activity settings, participants can revise existing entries to improve them with the received feedback.

Can I use Margic in my new Moodle™ instance?

The plugin supports all current Moodle™ versions and is under active development.

By default, can participants see all entries in a Margic?

No, participants can normally only see their own entries. However, if the group mode "Visible groups" is activated in the activity, participants may also be able to view everyone else's entries.

Can I use Margic only in language classes?

No, Margic can be used flexibly in a variety of teaching-learning situations. For example, students can answer a wide range of questions and tasks in their entries, while teachers can provide feedback tailored to the subject. Due to the adaptability of the error types, Margic can therefore also be used in scientific subjects such as mathematics or computer science, for example, and also flexibly supports self-designed teaching-learning scenarios.

Can I include Margic in Moodle™ backups?

Yes, Margic can be included in course backups and restores or can be exported separately as a backup and then be used as a template in future courses.

Does the plugin support working with groups?

Yes, Margic supports working with groups. For example, after selecting the appropriate group mode, the entries can be displayed depending on the selected group.